What is your morning routine?

So I wanted to try and do at least a post a week, and I didn't have much time to prepare one this week. So I wanted to open up another discussion!

So, to any of you glorious readers stumbling upon this post, what is YOUR morning routine? Wake up and sit on reddit until you're almost late to work? Make sure you got that cup of coffee before attempting anything? Immediately get up and get to coding?

I personally spend a bit too long reddit before stumbling into the shower, getting ready just in time, and racing off to work. On the train to work, listen to some DnD podcasts and study Japanese. Right before arriving to work I make sure to get some tea or water for the day and a coffee. Upon arriving at my desk, it's off to coding right away! Who needs to check emails or read chat anyways.

Here's a few threads from the past I dug up if you're interested in reading more about routines! Do you have a morning routine? Planning My Daily Routine The Miracle of a Morning Routine

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